Best price for yoga mat

There is no direct correlation between a price of a yoga mat and it’s quality for the most part, usually expensive yoga mats are priced higher because of branding. When i look at yoga mats, i identify three levels of materials: the basic yoga mat you can buy at any sporting goods store, usually for $15. This would be a basic 5mm mat, which is what i used for the first three years of my practice. I loved my cheap mat, it was easy to clean, easy to carry, and if i lost it or something happened to it it wouldn’t be a problem to replace. When i eventually replaced it, I was gifted a similar mat, so i could have just kept it, but i used the new one because i was traveling and wanted something that was cleaner and newer. Then there are the mid range mats that are made of higher quality materials, and are priced around $70 on average. The biggest difference in these mats is that the texture and grip is different, and here you get a large variety of textures, materials, and weights depending on the density. I’ve had the pleasure of testing tens of these mats, and my favorites were the ones who were light, strong, and did not absorb moisture and smell. My second mat was from this group, and the mats i use at yoga studios are similar. The third price point is the over $100 mats, which are fancier, but also branded, and the branding is factored into the pricing. These mats are usually from the latest materials and textures to the market which make them more unique. They have good quality prints on them, and can be a wonderful upscale gift to the yogis in your life, especially if that yogi is you.