Best yoga mat

To find the best yoga mat for you, you need to consider budget, style of yoga, and portability. Yoga mat cost can vary from a few dollars to a couple hundred dollars, and the price is not an indication of longevity. Different Yoga styles may require different mats, for example hot yoga which is sweatier will need a mat that doesn’t change it’s grip when wet and that doesn’t become smelly when in a hot sweaty environment. Yogas that don’t need a lot of moving around might need a thicker mat which will provide good cushioning for sitting and laying down, and yogas that have lots of movement and advanced postures may need a thin travel mat that gives you a better feel of the earth or floor for stability and sensation. Another consideration is whether you’ll carry this mat around or park it at a studio. Some mats are heavy and cumbersome, some are light and pack small. I don’t like carrying much with me when i go around town, but when i know i don’t have to take the mat from the studio, i choose a heavier sturdier mat. Design wise, I find that for most people it’s is less of a consideration, and most common mats have neutral colors as to not become a distraction during the practice. When it comes to yoga mats, the best yoga mat is a mat that serves your practice in the room, whether it’s utility, feeling, or weight. And if you don’t like the one you’re using, you can always change and try something else. A new mat is always a great gift!