monday 6pm | CRS union square | 60m

By Invitation only - My signature Vinyasa Class. Taught at CRS Union Square, 123 4th ave second floor. A powerful athletic yoga sequence that is rich in details and information. Suitable for students of all levels who love a challenging sweaty practice, want a smaller group setting, and want to be able to ask questions. Build an intelligent understanding of the movement, actively learn how to move in a way that is conducive to your strength and flexibility, and have fun hanging out with like-minded professionals in Manhattan.

Google maps: CRS Union Square 123 4th ave second floor

BODE NYC (Bikram)

Friday 2:30pm | Flatiron | 90m 

Friday 5:30pm | Flatiron | 60m

This is the original Bikram studio chain in Manhattan and it has three studios. I teach at the Flatiron location only on Fridays. If you're not familiar with this style of yoga, it's Hot, It's a set series, and It uses a dialogue that is universal to Bikram yoga classes. Click here to learn more about the Bikram series. If you have been to this studio before, they often offer welcome back packages, please check with them what your options are.


Guest passes: If you've never been to Bode NYC you can be my guest to my class, please email to request.


Google maps: Flatiron 182 fifth ave

Equinox (Vinyasa)


Wednesday 1pm | Gramercy Heated Power Yoga | 60m 

Thursday 12pm | Bryant Park Heated Power Yoga | 60m 

Friday 1pm | Flatiron Power Yoga | 60m

Currently at three equinox locations in manhattan, Gramercy, Bryant Park, and Flatiron. Heated power yoga At Gramercy and Bryant Park, regular temperature albeit sweaty power yoga at Flatiron. To take this class you need to either be an EQUINOX member or have a guest pass.


Guest passes:  email me at with your full name and email so I can add you to the list for upcoming guest opportunities.

Google maps: Gramercy, Bryant Park, Flatiron



Monday 3pm | NOMAD | 30m

By Invitation Only - Assemblage is an upscale holistic co-working and event space in manhattan.  

I lead a 30m meditation at the NOMAD location on Mondays at 3pm. 

The group varies in level, and it's a great place to network and socialize.


Google maps: Assemblage 114 e. 25th st

PURE YOGA (Vinyasa)

No classes at this time.

Pure is an upscale chain of yoga studios in NYC that is also part of EQUINOX. Catering to upper east and upper west siders of Manhattan, these two locations have beautiful spaces and some of the best teachers in town. Due to time constraints I do not unfortunately offer any classes at PURE. However, my same classes can be taken on Monday and Thursday evening through Ometa, see Ometa classes at the top for details. 


Guest passes: to guest at my Ometa classes at CRS please email

Google maps: CRS Union Square

WeWork (Meditation)

Closed sessions

WeWork is the worldwide leading company for shared work spaces, and I've had the pleasure of collaborating with them in different capacities through the years. From initiating and leading meditations at HQ in Manhattan, to speaking and guiding a special meditation at the first WeWork Labs annual award show, to being the lead yoga teacher at the last WeWork summer camp 2018 in England where I led crowds of up to 3000 people, to founding the yoga team at RISE by We. My WeWork engagements are currently not open to the public. However the same classes can be taken on Monday and Thursday evening through Ometa at CRS, see Ometa classes above for details. 


Guest passes: to guest at my Ometa classes at CRS please email


Google maps: CRS Union Square 123 4th ave second floor


No classes at this time.

Rise by We is WeWorks take on fitness and wellness. As a founding yoga and meditation teacher in this space I helped build a thriving yoga community based on knowledge and community. This was a great opportunity to lead practitioners from scratch, some of which I still practice with today. I was also fortunate to be the lead yoga teacher at the last WeWork Summer Camp in London, where I led crowds of up to 3000 people. I've since discontinued my partnership with RISE. The same classes can be taken with me at CRS on Monday and Thursday evenings through Ometa at CRS, see Ometa classes above for details.


Guest passes: to guest at my Ometa classes at CRS please email

 Google maps: CRS Union Square 123 4th ave second floor


Through the years i've taught at other studios in Manhattan, including Laughing Lotus, Chelsea Piers, and Bikram LES. There are many studios in the city, and it would be quite impossible to teach in all of them :) However, I've found that often teachers that I like teach at multiple studios, and it's very likely you will be able to take their classes in studios such as: Sky Ting, Woom center,Yoga UnionOm factory, Yoga Vida, Dharma Yoga, New York Yoga, Yoga Maya, Green house Holistic, Sacred, Yoga Agora, Third Eye Yoga, Sonic Yoga, Integral Yoga Institute, Yoga Junction, The Loom, Lucky Elephant, Lighthouse Yoga, Fierce Grace, Modo Yoga, Yogaworks, Humming Puppy, Lyons Den, Yoga to the people, Y7, Alo Yoga, Neo U, Yo Yoga,Juvamukti, Kula Yoga, The Bhakti center, Golden Bridge Yoga, Bend plus Bloom, Area Yoga, Katonah Yoga, Strala YogaThe Atmananda Yoga Sequence Studio, as well as bigger health clubs such as New York Sports Club or NYSC, New York Health and Racket Club or NYHRC, Crunch, Blink, 24 hour fitness, David Barton Gym, Planet fitness, Lifetime Fitness, and YMCA. Some instructors can also be found training at other fitness modalities such as Crossfit, Tone House, SLT, Orange Theory, Rumble, Soulcycle, Barrys Bootcamp, Fhitting Room, or do Meditation at MNDFL, The Path events, Inscape, Kadampa, Modrn Sanctuary, New York open center, and the Shambhala meditation center.

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