Rubber grip yoga mat

I love rubber grip yoga mats for their traction which is superior to other mats, as is their weight which helps the mat not slide when practiced on. They sit firmly, and feel stable for any posture, including balancing postures and inversions. I would not recommend them for beginners, as they would be a bit hard and less forgiving if you happen to catch on them while you’re moving, but that would greatly depend on personal preference. I like how durable they are, they can last a very long time. The one disadvantage rubber mats have is that they are heavy to carry around. If you’re using it as your primary mat that you take with you, there are lighter mats that can provide a similar experience without the weight. I used to park my mat at the vinyasa studio i practiced at, so i didn’t have to carry it around, and it was perfect for under those conditions. I’ve seen rubber grip mats that have been put to general use at studios, and they have scuff marks at the middle from the chaffing of use. They seem to wear down in a specific way, but i’ve only seen this on rubber mats that have been used by lots of people as general use mats in studio, i don’t recall seeing that much wear down when used personally. Rubber grip yoga mats are made by several companies and come in different patterns, they are usually priced in the Mid range for yoga mats.

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