Shopping for a yoga mat

Shopping for a yoga mat is fun and exciting! Yoga mats are one of the only items a Yogi cherishes, after his or hers apparel. I remember when i got my first yoga mat, it was bright and orange, and it was fun to practice on because it reminded me of sunny days. When you’re shopping for a yoga mat, it’s important to remember that you might be carrying this yoga mat with you and so you might want to choose a mat that i convenient to carry, whether you’re traveling by car or carrying it on your shoulder. You can buy a mat online, you can buy it in stores like sporting good stores, and you can also buy them in specialty stores. Sometimes a brand that doesn’t generally cater to yogis will produce a special yoga mat, so it’s good to keep an eye out for brands you like or even call or email them. When you search for a yoga mat online, you’ll find that there are many kinds of mats out there, and many producers. If you already know the brand and know that they make quality product, you will most likely enjoy what they have to offer. You can also go to stores and feel the mats out yourself, so that you know what the material is like. There are a few materials to choose from, and different mats are suitable for different yogas. When i shop for a mat, i will generally go with brands i like and have worked with before, these are the mats you could find on this site. My experience with them is excellent, and i’m happy that i have the opportunity to offer them to you as well. I teach Bikram yoga and Vinyasa yoga, and practice other modalities as well, and i recommend different mats for different practices.