Where to shop for yoga mat

There are many places to get a yoga mat, online retailers, yoga studios, sporting good stores, even clothing stores, hardware stores, it’ll depend on what kind of mat you’re looking for. When i’m asked where to shop for yoga mat, I recommend to get it online, because you’ll get the largest variety and the best prices online. If you bought one from a store, touching the mat doesn’t always give you the right indication how the mat will feel in practice, and if you really want a feel of a mat you should find it in use at a studio or ask someone you see who has one you like how it feels. When it comes to recommendations, i like to get a recommendation from someone i know has worked with yoga mats before, and has experience with different mats and practices. There are many mat makers out there, and different yoga styles, and different mats can be effective or not for certain yogas. And since yoga teachers see and practice the most on a variety of mats, they would be able to give you a better sense why one mat would be better than another. Another thing to consider when shopping for a yoga mat is how much stock does this store go through, and if the recommendation is based on experience or on sales incentives. While a customer might not be able to know for sure, there will usually be supporting reviews and other recommendations for the product elsewhere to support the choice, and since anyone can review things online, repeating strong reviews for a product would be a good way to determine which mats you should consider.