Yoga Mat

I’ve had many yoga mats over the years, big and small, thin and tall, hard and soft, and looking back there were a handful that i really liked. The first Yoga Mat i loved was orange and yellow, and i had it for three years before i have to get a new one. It was a basic mat, the one you buy for $15 at a sporting good store, that and a blue nylon yoga bag. I spent hours on my mat, washing it in the laundry machine after every few uses. I’m surprised it lasted that long, given that i used to practice 5-6 times a week back then. I finally let go of that one when i went to my first yoga training. Since then i’ve received countless yoga mats from vendors to review. Yet strangely enough, the second mat i love and actually still have was gifted to me for participating at the Yoga at times square solstice event in new york city. It’s deep burgundy, very thin, durable, and provides no cushion whatsoever. It’s also super grippy, I’d lay a towel on top of it and that’s all i needed. It became a super absorbent, and i could feel the floor underneath better which helped me feel my feet better. I Still love this mat for hot yoga and bikram classes. The third mat i use exclusively for Vinyasa, is an olive green textured hard rubber mat. I love this mat because it has an insane grip that demands precise movement and placement. It’s unforgiving, aesthetically un-pleasing, heavy, and yet something about it’s rigidity feels comfortable to work with. A lot has changed since i’ve added this last ma,t and I’m excited to try some of the them. Yoga mats are a personal item for a yogi, and each has its own stories to tell, as it usually accompanies us for a while on our yoga journey.

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